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I structure my private lessons around the goals of each individual student. It can be to have fun or be sound enough to compete at any level. With the serious players who want to improve their game, I start from the ground up. I have been taught by the best and teach professional quality strokes and strategy. You will be learning the correct way of hitting a ball, touching on the serve, forehand, backhand and volley. The first thing we will do is drop feeding, starting with the basics. From there, parts of the stroke will be added, during that time I will feed to you from short and long distances. When I am comfortable showing you the entire stroke, we can start the process of getting to hit against me. This will be a step by step process of challenging you. Little by little I will be showing you different movements by feeding the ball at certain heights, speeds, spins and depths. Once we get to hitting, your technique will still be watched, as hitting is where technique can break down. After you have a grasp of hitting we can work on court positioning, shot selection and the mental aspect of the game.


In my hitting lessons I promise you an intense workout for any level of player. We will work on hitting every type of ball whether it be low, high, topspin, slice, flat, short and deep. I specialize in a warm-up that gets all your shots ready and brings you slowly into the perfect rhythm. Such drills as cross-court, down the-line, switching direction, X-file, offense/defense and short angels  will be worked on. Any specific shot you would like to hit or be hit against can be focused on. If you just want a sweat we can just hit balls all day!


I have a couple of groups that I offer, the one hour and one and a half hour with all ages from kids ( little kids 1 hour ) to adults.

1 Hour:

The one hour groups will focus on getting a lot of balls hit. The first five minutes of that will be shadow swinging followed by fifteen minutes focused on technique. The second 15-20 minutes will focus on drilling and getting to hit a lot of balls. The last 25-30 will be on matching game type situations or games depending on the group.

1.5 Hour:

My one and a half hour group will focus more on technique. The first hour will be spent on drilling but strokes analysis will be given. The last half an hour will be given to fitness (no rackets needed). During this time there will be plyo-metrics, sprinting, strengthening drills and more.