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Client Testimonials

Beau Kojima

“I choose Travis to be my hitting partner because he gives me the challenge I need. He is so flexible, whatever level a person is on. He knows how to help you better your game. I would recommend Travis to anyone that wants to improve on their tennis game by hitting or taking lessons with him.”

Ammon Jones

I started taking lessons with Travis in the summer time to try to make the team at San Juan Capistrano High School. We worked really hard on each stroke. When tryouts came for the team this January, I was ready and I made the team. I’m planning on continuing with Travis and the team the rest of my time in High School”

Olov Nasiel

“I have been taking lessons from Mr. McClellan for almost a year now.  This past weekend I won my third tournament!  I had taken lessons in the past, and wasn’t a successful or confident player.  He really breaks down each stroke in a way that makes sense and is achievable. Through the learning process, Travis has been MORE than patient.  He certainly knows how to make you a better player!”

Chris Anton

“When I started training with Travis, I was a low level player without much knowledge of the technical aspects of tennis.  Travis is a teacher who fully interacts with his clients. He takes the time to fully breakdown each and every stroke. We have touched on all the tennis strokes – forehand, backhand, serve, volleys, and overheads.  I have improved immensely. I made high school team after training with Travis. I would definitely recommend Travis to any tennis players of all skills. His skills are worth it and his rates are very reasonable.”

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